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Writing good LinkedIn posts takes a lot of work. Even the most experienced LinkedIn professionals spend 10 times more time researching and writing a well-structured LinkedIn post than it takes them to write an Email. That's because the target audience on LinkedIn is one of the most challenging audiences to please. LinkedIn users demand professional, well-thought-out content that is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. The overwhelming amount of content published every day makes it hard to stand out and generate posts that anyone is actually reading. A good LinkedIn post generator can help you post relevant content consistently and establish yourself as a trusted expert and thought leader.

What are the benefits of using a LinkedIn post generator? 

LinkedIn can help individuals and marketers in many ways. It is still the best network for getting new and very qualified leads. However, just like with any other social network, the quality of the generated posts and consistency are key to successfully utilizing LinkedIn. 

If you are anything like me, coming up with post ideas and promising content for LinkedIn daily is probably one of your least favorite things to do. Using a LinkedIn post generator can help you write better posts and make it much easier to publish regularly, giving you a great advantage, even with writer's block.

Generate LinkedIn posts from any source

To become a thought leader and expert on LinkedIn, you must post authentic and relevant content to your audience. This specific LinkedIn post generator, therefore, generates posts from various sources to ensure that your posts are informative and relevant. I mainly generate LinkedIn posts from news. Still, you can also search for content to post about on the entire web and provide a dedicated URL to scrape. 

How to use this AI LinkedIn post generator

Jakub and I have created this tool to be quick and easy to use. After all, the goal is to get you posting on LinkedIn without spending a lot of time or effort but still generate high-quality content for LinkedIn multiple times a week. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to get you started, but you are also welcome to check our wiki for a more detailed explanation and videos of the features.

Step 1: Select a source

In the dropdown, you can select a source that the AI should search. You have these options:

  • News: Searches global news outlets for your topic

  • Google: Searches google for websites about your topic

  • URL: Crawls a specific URL you provide for context

Step 2: Enter your topic

Start by telling the AI what topic to search for. Enter your keywords as you would on Google for the best results. I also recorded a video about how to search with the Postline LinkedIn post generator, which you can find here.

Step 3: Filter your sources

You can narrow your search to find more relevant post ideas using the Published In (only looking for sources published in the given timeframe) or Search In (searches for sources in a specific country) dropdowns. 

Step 4: Select your style

You can choose from various tones of voice or create your custom brand voice to generate your LinkedIn posts with a personal touch. Every tone of voice has its unique features and creates a different LinkedIn post. You might want to try out a few to find the best one for your target audience.

How does the LinkedIn post generator work?

The Postline LinkedIn generator works by repurposing the most relevant content on the internet into a well-structured LinkedIn post. The AI autonomously searches the internet for the most appropriate and trustworthy sources to find information about the topic you want to post on LinkedIn. For every source found, you get a generated LinkedIn post written in your style and tone of voice.

What is the best AI writing tool for LinkedIn posts?

Definately I tried many different tools, but most did not meet my expectations. I think is the best LinkedIn generator out there right now for several reasons:

  • It uses real-time information from the internet to generate posts, outperforming every other tool in terms of relevant and authentic content.

  • The quality of the generated posts is one of the best I've seen. They are well structured and generated using LinkedIn best practices.

  • You can edit the generated posts with AI. The editor is simple and fast, which makes it easy to adjust the post to your liking.

  • It finds trending hashtags for LinkedIn with the LinkedIn Hashtag generator.

How long should my LinkedIn post be?

According to research, the best-performing LinkedIn posts have between 1.300 and 1.800 characters for longer posts and 300-400 characters for shorter posts. Still, it depends on the type of LinkedIn post you are using.

Here is an overview of the ideal length for all LinkedIn posts:

Text only: 1.300-1.800 characters
Image post: 300-400 characters
Carousel post: 100-200 characters
Video post: 100-200 characters

Create viral LinkedIn posts with this AI LinkedIn post generator

The best-performing LinkedIn posts all share a few common characteristics. Postline's AI is trained to implement those best practices into every post it generates.

Write a captivating opening for attention

Most LinkedIn posts are not shown in full length. LinkedIn cuts off your text and shows a "see more" after 3-5 lines on desktop and 2 lines on mobile. Our LinkedIn post generator makes sure that every post has an attention-grabbing opening. 

Optimize the structure for readability

Readability is crucial. You must ensure your post looks appealing and is easy to read. Best practices include using emojis, bullet points, and paragraphs with clear takeaways to structure your post.

Add visuals for better performance

According to the Algorithm Insights Report of 2024, LinkedIn posts with images perform 1.26 times better than the overall average, and carousel posts perform even better, at 1.6 times the overall average. Using videos in your posts works 1.4 times better and will likely surpass carousel posts soon since LinkedIn is now moving to promote videos more aggressively as a platform.

Frequently asked questions

What type of tone can I select for my LinkedIn post? 

You can choose from many different tones specifically designed to generate LinkedIn posts that resonate with various audiences, or you can train the AI to write in your individual style. Our wiki has a complete list of all tones of voice, and you can also learn how to create your custom voice here.

Can I edit my LinkedIn posts after I generate them?

Yes, you can edit all LinkedIn posts you generate with our AI editor. Before you post it, you can easily rewrite, edit, or adjust the entire post with the help of AI. 

Does the LinkedIn Post Generator use AI technology?

Yes, we use several different AI technologies to craft the best LinkedIn posts at every step, helping you post more relevant content more easily.

How do I generate relevant hashtags for my LinkedIn posts?

Our AI finds the most relevant Hashtags for your post by searching the current trending hashtags on LinkedIn. When you click "trending hashtags" in the post editor, the AI will analyze your post and suggest hashtags currently trending.

Is the LinkedIn Post Generator free to use? 

Yes, the Postline LinkedIn post generator is free even when using GPT-4. We will, however, implement a paid premium plan later this year after we roll out some additional features.

Is there a limit to the number of posts I can generate? 

You can create and save as many posts as you like in your account.


Andi Groke

Andi is the CEO of Mind Nexus. He is a serial entrepreneur and former Dentsu executive. For more than 10 years, he worked in marketing, serving clients such as Disney and Mastercard and developing marketing software for agencies and brands.