The Best AI Tweet Generator Tools for 2024

These AI tweet generators for Twitter make it easy to generate relevant and highly engaging tweets daily. 



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We tested more than 20 AI tweet generators. While most solutions offer little value, 5 AI tools for creating tweets and Twitter threads stand out. AI tools for creating high-quality tweets are very helpful when they gather information online and transparently show the source of information. 
When it comes to generating tweets without the additional cost and functionalities of fully-fledged social media management suites, is the best tweet generator currently available. AI content generated by these tools is getting better every day, but it's not perfect yet. That's why you should look for AI tools that support your workflow rather than taking over your tasks.

What is an AI Tweet generator? 

Tweet generators are AI tools that help you find ideas for posts and write tweets with the help of AI. They can be very helpful to save time searching for good content to tweet about and improve the quality of your tweets for more engagement and reach. They are used both in professional Twitter marketing as well as by individuals and small entrepreneurs to improve their Twitter presence.

Research shows it's best to tweet about 2-3 times a day, and if you are anything like me, it can be very challenging to come up with relevant and engaging tweets that often. This is why many people use tweet generators to make it easier. Ultimately, AI tweet generators take care of the time-consuming process of researching, writing, and optimizing tweets and Twitter threads.

Benefits of using a Twitter generator

Obviously, one of the main benefits of using a tweet generator is saving time. However, the right tool can also help boost your creativity by finding content to tweet about and help with your writer's block. Especially tweet generators that can access the internet to search for content make it so easy to tweet multiple times a day about various topics. Without tweet generators, I wouldn't be able to find enough facts to tweet about and tailor the tweets to my Twitter audience. Another advantage is that tweet generators allow you to experiment with different topics and tweets much faster to boost engagement rates.

What is the best AI tool for generating Tweets? is the best tweet generator for me. I tested more than 20 AI tools to create tweets; most do not search the internet for information, generate generic and boring tweets or both. is different because it searches news articles, websites, and even YouTube videos for information and finds the best ideas to tweet about. It generates compelling tweets based on online information and also offers a Twitter thread maker and tools to help edit your tweets. However, other AI tools for generating tweets have some advantages, too. You can find my detailed list below.

Key features to look for in a tweet generator

We all want to create viral tweets, but a better strategy is to tweet relevant content on Twitter your audience loves as often as possible. That is why a good caption generator needs to be able to create tweets in seconds and support you in the entire process, from researching content and ideas to editing and optimizing your tweets. One of my biggest challenges is identifying and fitting the most important information into a highly condensed tweet creation. 

In my opinion, the most essential features to look for are:

Access to the internet to generate relevant tweets

Any AI to create tweets and threads that can not search the internet for you, does not help finding post ideas and relevant content. I think this is one of the most important features.

Different writing styles to fit your target audience

Tweets can be personal, professional, funny, sarcastic, or informational, depending on your topic. Therefore, generating tweets in different tones is crucial.

Custom voice to mimic your writing style

You may want to tweet like a specific celebrity or train the AI to write and sound like you, using your previous tweets as samples. I personally often use viral tweets from other creators to train the AI to generate tweets like those.

A good editor to optimize tweets with AI

A tweet editor that is AI-powered to optimize your tweets improves the results and makes the process much faster. The ability to find trending hashtags with AI is a plus.

User-friendly and fun to use

Crafting tweets and posting regularly should be quick and easy, and, most importantly, fun. Many AI tools overcomplicate things and make it hard to find what you want. made it to the top of my list of the best tweet generators because it can search the internet for up-to-date information, it produces high-quality tweets and Twitter threads, and it allows you to train a custom writing style. Postline focuses on the core features of creating tweets quickly and efficiently and crafting the best content from real-time information online.

The AI is really good at finding that single piece of information in a lengthy news article or YouTube Video that is worth tweeting about, helping you tweet relevant and fact-checked content.

Unique features:

🔹Real-time access to the internet
🔹Custom brand voice
🔹Finds currently trending hashtags



Best for:

Anyone looking to find inspiration for tweets and generate good tweets and Twitter threads without the hassle of finding the best content or struggling to squeeze the most critical information into 280 characters.

Customer Review:

"Generating tweets and threads that are informative and nice to read used to take me hours." is more of an inspirational tool than a tweet generator. You can search and find viral tweets for almost any topic or have the AI come up with ideas for your tweets. There is some limited support for writing tweets, but the main use case of Tweethunter is to help you with research and scheduling your tweets. It is definitely better than Hootsuite in that regard. I can see myself using it for research.

Unique features:

🔹Access to a viral tweet library
🔹Automation tools and scheduling
🔹Generating tweet ideas


Starts at $49 and $200 for the enterprise plan

Best for:

Users who want to find viral tweets, research post ideas, and schedule and manage their tweets. It's best for anyone looking for a Twitter management platform.

Customer Review:

"This is a damn good deal for anyone serious about the platform." is a full-fledged AI marketing suite that offers many different tools. To generate tweets, you must tell the AI the main message, meaning you have to come up with ideas yourself, which is a clear downside for me. It offers a good writing assistant to help you write your tweets faster, but the initial drafts from the AI require a lot of manual rewriting.

Unique features:

🔹Create a custom brand voice
🔹Remix existing text into tweets
🔹Chat function to help you find information


Starts at $49 and $69 for the pro plan.

Best for:

People who are looking for an all-in-one AI writing tool that is not specifically tailored to creating tweets but offers a wide range of AI assistants

Customer Review:

"Jasper is an amazing tool for any marketers or anyone looking to write any form of marketing or sales copy." is all about repurposing content into social media posts. You can create tweets only by providing a YouTube video link. Threads, however, can be made from a URL or by providing a keyword. The content ideas are beneficial when starting with a keyword or topic. However, it is unclear what the sources of information for the AI-generated Twitter threads are, making it difficult to fact-check and risky to publish. Tugan offers more functions to create other social media posts, but the Twitter functionality needs to be improved. 

Unique features:

🔹Unique content ideas
🔹Multiple writing personalities
🔹Spam checker


Starts at $29 up to $79 for the pro plan.

Best for:

Anyone who wants to create a Twitter thread quickly from a YouTube video or URL. 

Customer Review:

"Perfect, everything you need and very straightforward."


Circlebloom is an AI social media platform that offers a wide range of social media analytics, statistics, and research tools, as well as an AI tweet generator. Generating the content for the tweets is basic and does not support internet access, but the tool shines as a social media image generator and tweet automation and scheduling. I wouldn't use it to create tweets, but it still made my list because of its innovative management functions.

Unique features:

🔹Image generator
🔹Content discovery
🔹Tweet automation


Starts at $24 up to $209 for the pro plan.

Best for:

While Circlebloom might not be my go-to tool for tweet generation, it's worth checking out for its social media management and analytics capabilities.

Customer Review:

"It's user-friendly, helps schedule tweets, manage followers, and spot fake accounts easily."


Andi Groke

Andi is the CEO of Mind Nexus. He is a serial entrepreneur and former Dentsu executive. For more than 10 years, he worked in marketing, serving clients such as Disney and Mastercard and developing marketing software for agencies and brands.