Create custom voices

Create custom voices

You can train to write and sound like you. Here is how you do it.

For those seeking a higher level of personalization, provides a feature to train the AI in your unique writing style. By submitting writing samples, users can teach the AI their preferred tone, vocabulary, and stylistic nuances. This training process results in content that closely mimics the user's natural writing style, making posts feel more personal and authentic.

Whether you're known for your humor, insightful analysis, or inspirational messages, training in your voice allows for consistent branding and a stronger connection with your audience. This custom voice training is a powerful tool for anyone looking to maintain a distinctive and recognizable online presence.

Hint: Custom Voices use samples of your writing style to mimic your writing but also your structure and characteristics. This means the AI will not just look for words you regularly use and try to sound like you, it will also analyze how you structure your posts, which hashtags you regularly use and try to learn your character based on you post samples. Thats why it makes sense to create custom voices per each output type you want to use (e.g. LinkedIn post, Tweet, Thread)

Step 1: Create a new custom voice

Go to custom voices and create a new custom voice. You can create multiple custom voices as edit each of them later if you want.

Step 2: Give your custom voice a short name

This name will appear in the dropdown selection under Write as to select your custom voice later. Since the AI is trained to look for your unique writing and character in social media posts, best practice is to use samples of your previous posts and set up different custom voices for each platform: Using a custom voice that has been trained on your previous tweets to generate LinkedIn posts will not give the best results.

Step 3: Give custom instructions

In the instruction field you can tell the AI a bit more about yourself, what your goals are and what you want the AI to focus on.
Think of it as giving an additional prompt to tailor the outputs more to your liking.
You can use these instructions for anything you want, some examples include to:

🔹 Share personal details to give your posts a more personal touch
🔹 Give the AI some background information about yourself or your business
🔹 Tell to use more bulletpoints or less emojis
🔹 Make sure every posts ends with a link to your website
🔹 Have come up for a reason why to book a call with you

Step 4: Provide your samples

You can provide up to 5 examples. While you can use any writing example, it´s best to use your previous social media posts to train the AI, instead of some generic text.

Step 5: Save your custom voice

Hit "create" to save your custom voice and use it for your generations. You can always come back and change your samples or the custom instructions and finetune your custom voice.

© 2024 All rights reserved

© 2024 All rights reserved