Tone of voice

Tone of voice

You can choose from several different tone of voices offers a selection of predefined tones of voice, enabling users to align the style of their generated content with their brand personality or personal preference. Options range from formal and informative to casual and witty, allowing for a high degree of personalization. Users can choose a tone that resonates with their audience, whether it's the knowledgeable authority, the friendly advisor, or the engaging storyteller. This feature ensures that every post not only delivers valuable content but also connects with readers on a personal level, enhancing engagement.

Below, find detailed descriptions and examples for each tone of voice to help you select the one that best fits your needs.

To find out how to train to your own writing style, please see Create custom voices.

Smart Companion

Ideal for: Thought leadership, educational content, and deep dives into industry trends.

Characteristics: Informative, engaging, educational, first-person narrative.

➡️ When to use:

🔹 Sharing expert analysis or personal insights on complex topics.
🔹 Educating your audience with a friendly, approachable style.
🔹 Offering thoughtful commentary that adds value and depth to discussions.


"I believe the key to understanding blockchain lies in its decentralized nature. Here’s why..."

"In my analysis of market trends, three factors stand out. Let’s dive into each."

"For me, sustainable investing isn’t just a trend; it’s the future. Here’s how we can all contribute..."

Neutral Journalist

Ideal for: News updates, factual reports, and unbiased analysis.

Characteristics: Objective, fact-based, clear, third-person reporting.

➡️ When to use:

🔹 Reporting on the latest developments in your industry without personal bias.
🔹 Summarizing research findings or statistical data for an informed audience.
🔹 Providing a comprehensive overview of events or topics with balanced coverage.


"Recent studies reveal a 20% increase in renewable energy adoption worldwide."

"The tech industry saw significant shifts in Q2, with three key trends emerging."

"This week’s financial roundup: market volatility continues amid global uncertainty."

Witty Cynic

Ideal for: Engaging critiques, satirical commentary, and unique perspectives.

Characteristics: Sarcastic, humorous, personal opinions, first-person narrative.

➡️ When to use:

🔹 Offering a critical take on common industry practices or trends.
🔹 Engaging an audience with humor while addressing serious topics.
🔹 Differentiating your content with a bold, outspoken personality.


"I can’t help but laugh at the ‘revolutionary’ tech launch. Here’s the same old thing repackaged..."

"In my humble opinion, corporate buzzwords are the tofu of language: bland and overused."

"Let’s dissect this week’s hot take on productivity. Spoiler: It’s not groundbreaking."

Funny Prankster

Ideal for: Light-hearted content, entertainment-focused posts, and humorous takes.

Characteristics: Playful, provocative, amusing, first-person narrative.

➡️ When to Use:

🔹 Turning everyday situations or industry news into entertaining stories.
🔹 Building a relatable, down-to-earth brand personality.
🔹 Engaging followers with content that’s both informative and fun.


"I tried following the latest productivity hacks and... let’s just say my cat was not impressed."

"Here’s my take on the new app everyone’s talking about. Spoiler: It’s like every other app, but with more glitter."

"Ever wonder why coffee meetings are a thing? Here’s my theory involving caffeine-induced brilliance."

Selecting the Best Tone for Your Audience

The choice of tone should reflect not only your brand’s personality but also the preferences of your audience and the nature of the message you wish to convey. Each tone of voice provided by offers a unique approach to engaging with your followers, be it through providing valuable insights, delivering news, offering critiques, or sharing laughs. By aligning the tone with your content strategy and audience expectations, you can craft messages that resonate deeply and foster a stronger connection with your community.

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© 2024 All rights reserved