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These AI tools make it easy for creators to engage with and grow their LinkedIn audience. You can easily create relevant LinkedIn posts from any topic.



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Of 30+ tools tested, only 5 are noteworthy when it comes to creating good LinkedIn posts. LinkedIn post generators work best when they have access to the internet, but not many do. Only when the AI can access real-time information can the generated posts be relevant enough to post on LinkedIn. is the only tool in the test that searches the internet for information on your topic before creating posts. Taplio is an amazing suite to manage your LinkedIn presence and engagement but it falls short in post quality. Anyword offers some nice audience insights for your posts, but it's not clear how that will add value to your generated posts.´s workflows offer a powerful solution to solve complex issues. Overall, currently creates the best LinkedIn posts, but it´s worth checking Taplio and Anyword as well.

What is an AI LinkedIn post generator? 

LinkedIn post generators are tools that automate the time-consuming process of researching, writing, and optimizing LinkedIn posts. Positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader in your niche on LinkedIn is considered more effective than traditional marketing. However, to become a trusted expert, you need to post highly relevant content on LinkedIn regularly. This usually takes a lot of time and effort, and LinkedIn post generators can help to reach more people by growing your audience and becoming a top LinkedIn creator. Most tools work by providing a topic or some context and selecting a writing style before using your input to draft a LinkedIn post.

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Benefits of using a LinkedIn post generator

The most significant benefits of using AI to create LinkedIn posts are saving time and improving the posts' quality. Most people consider writing good LinkedIn posts more time-consuming than preparing content for other social media platforms. The challenge is recognizing and keeping up with trends to find relevant topics to discuss before writing and optimizing the perfect LinkedIn post. AI can help with that by surfacing the right content and writing highly professional LinkedIn posts in a fraction of the time it would take you to do all of this. In addition, using post generators makes it a lot easier to cover a variety of topics without studying every detail before being able to write a post about it.

Key features to look for in a LinkedIn post generator tool

Many tools produce generic content by utilizing a very simplistic AI prompt in the back to create neither relevant, informative, nor inspiring text. A good LinkedIn post generator helps you write relevant posts by finding and accessing up-to-date and trustworthy sources to make it easy for you to post daily. While no one should promise to generate viral LinkedIn posts, generating LinkedIn content always starts by finding good topics and post ideas and an AI should also help with that.
Here are the most important features, in my opinion, to look for:

Access to the internet to explore topics for post ideas 

A good LinkedIn post generator needs to find and access relevant sources from the internet to write engaging and up-to-date content. Any AI that doesn't access the Internet in real-time to find the best sources does not create additional value for you. To get the maximum views and likes on your posts, your content needs to inform and inspire your audience, and that's just not possible with outdated or generic information. 

Post structuring to craft nice-looking posts:

LinkedIn has a unique post structure. The audience expects highly informative and condensed content, often structured in bullet points with key takeaways and an attention-grabbing opening. Any LinkedIn post generator worth its salt should be able to do this nicely.

Writing style selector to set custom tone of voice: 

The ability to create unique LinkedIn posts with different tones of voice to fit the writing style to the topic and target audience. Good LinkedIn creators change up the style and tone of their posts depending on the topic and type of content they post.

Custom voice training to generate posts that sound like you 

While this feature is rare, training the AI to write and sound like you can be a game changer. Nobody likes dull and generic AI content, so training an AI to write like you ensures the post resonates with your audience.

Easy editing to optimize your posts with AI to stand out 

You want to look for tools that enable you to easily edit the generated posts with the help of AI. AI could be better, but a few instructions and edits from you will boost the LinkedIn posts to a whole new level, and I want to be able to edit my posts right away.

What is the best AI to generate LinkedIn posts? is the best LinkedIn post generator right now. While other tools offer some great features for managing your overall LinkedIn presence. delivers the best results when it comes to creating the actual posts.

Top 5 AI LinkedIn post generators for 2024 

#1 focuses on doing one thing best: Generating the LinkedIn posts. can create LinkedIn posts from real-time news and single URLs and even automatically search the entire internet for information about your topic. You can choose various writing styles or train the AI with text samples from you and easily edit the generated posts with the help of AI before publishing. 

Unique features:

🔹Real-time access to the internet
🔹Custom brand voice
🔹Finds currently trending hashtags



Best for:

Users who want to be the first to post new content about a specific topic and generate relevant LinkedIn posts consistently and quickly.

Customer review:

"It's been a phenomenal help, especially when feeling not the least bit inspired to write."

Generating a LinkedIn post with

#2 Taplio

Taplio generates LinkedIn posts based on your past posts, which makes it challenging to incorporate new and relevant information into your post and results in pretty generic LinkedIn posts after a while. However, it still made the list of the Top five LinkedIn post generators because it can generate carousel posts from URLs and features an extensive database of LinkedIn posts that are also used to create similar posts. Taplio is an excellent LinkedIn management suite that allows users to find and engage with others. 

Unique features:

🔹Create carousel posts from URLs
🔹Mimic other creators
🔹Advanced scheduling and analytics


Starts at $65 up to $199 for the pro plan

Best for:

Users who need a LinkedIn management suite that focuses on finding and engaging with other creators, creating carousel posts, and repurposing their own posts.

Customer review:

"It also helps me see what content works for other creators."

Generate LinkedIn posts with Taplio

#3 Anyword 

Anyword can create LinkedIn posts and LinkedIn ad copy for you based on the information you need to provide. While it does not access the internet for up-to-date information, it does feature some nice tools to make the generated posts fit better to your audience. You can choose from a range of tones of voice, train your own model, and see unique post insights regarding your audience.

Unique features:

🔹See audience insights
🔹Set a target audience
🔹Advanced scheduling and analytics


Starts at $49 up to $499 for the business plan

Best for:

Anyone who wants to do their own research for the content of the posts and then optimize the LinkedIn posts to a specific audience.

Customer review:

"Now I can optimize my SEO, social media, performance, and email content in one place."

Generate LinkedIn Posts with Anyword

#4 is all about creating workflows and automation. You can create multiple workflows for all kinds of use cases. Your workflows can also create and automatically trigger LinkedIn posts. Unfortunately, the posts are generated only from the information you provide and include AI hallucinations. However, with some technical skills, you can set up workflows that crawl the internet for information and write LinkedIn posts.

Unique features:

🔹Create advanced workflows
🔹Set a target audience
🔹Choose from different copywriting concepts


Free plan available, and $49 for the pro plan

Best for:

Techies and users who want to create their own workflows to create LinkedIn posts.

Customer Review:

"Brilliant copywriting tool!"

Generating a LinkedIn Post with

#5 Writesonic

Writesonic can generate LinkedIn posts and help you optimize them with its Chatsonic chatbot. The AI editor is a powerful tool for making writing easier, but it doesn't help you find the right information since it doesn't access the internet. Next to LinkedIn posts you can also generate LinkedIn ad copy and headlines.

Unique features:

🔹Chatbot helper tool
🔹Large AI editor
🔹Templates for LinkedIn ads


Free plan available, and $20 for the pro plan

Best for:

Users who are looking for a comprehensive AI writing assistant who can help write multiple different types of content for marketing and sales.

Customer Review:

"Writesonic is the best article writer for me."

Generate LinkedIn posts with Writesonic AI

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