The challenge of social media audience building

The challenge of social media audience building

Building and growing a social media audience is a formidable task that demands consistency, creativity, and a well-defined strategy. At, we understand these challenges and have devised a solution to simplify the process for you.

Growing your audience and gaining more followers on social media is effective only when you consistently post relevant content.

The power of relevant content

We've found that regularly sharing updates on topics relevant to your audience can lead to significant results. This strategy is vital regardless of your profession.

  • For lawyers, this might involve informing your audience about legal changes in your country.

  • Software developers can engage their audience by sharing updates on technologies they specialize in.

  • Marketing experts can capture attention by posting about the popularity of different marketing channels.

However, the process of searching for, discovering, and reading articles, then crafting engaging posts, can be quite time-consuming. This is precisely where steps in to streamline this process.

LinkedIn and post generation made easy

LinkedIn and post generation made easy simplifies the content creation process by generating LinkedIn and posts tailored to your needs. Just provide us with a search phrase related to your industry or interests, and our AI-driven platform will take care of the rest. We automatically find top articles and transform them into polished, ready-to-use social media posts


Post generation in multiple languages


Support for LinkedIN posts and posts and threads


You can search global news outlets or tell to search the entire internet, including websites, PDFs and videos.


Date range selection: You can limit the search to only show recent events and information


Select one of 10 predefined tone of voices like the knowledgeable companion or the witty cynic


You can create your own, individual brand voice and train to sound and write like you!

Building a strong online presence has never been this effortless. Let handle the content creation so you can focus on what you do best.

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